The National Music Day Foundation

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About Us


Mission Statement

The National Music Day Foundation will work to establish May 1st as a nationally recognized day to celebrate the diversity and contribution of music by raising awareness and appreciation for this extraordinary art form that touches everyone’s lives each day.

The Foundation will work to assist communities across the country to develop ways to celebrate National Music Day.


It is our hope that there will be gatherings and events in every community across the country beginning May 1st of 2002 that will continue on an annual basis recognizing and promoting music as a vital force in our lives.

Foundation Goals

Promote collaboration between musicians of all backgrounds through a variety of venues, and bring the enjoyment of music to the public in spontaneous and innovative ways.

Serve as a resource to communities and schools to connect them to opportunities, ideas, and promotional materials.

Strengthen the message of the importance of music education in our schools.

Inspire everyone to explore their musical potential.

Honor the extraordinary legacy and ongoing achievement of musicians, music educators, and those involved in the music industry.