Shelter Bangladesh


295,Inner Circular Road,3rd Floor


About Us

"Shelter" is a Voluntary and Social Welfare organization. It is established in the year of 1997. The body is consisting with 5 Executive members and 30 general members. From the date of inception it has start its activity in the four local Thana label. At the same time Shelter got registration, from The Ministry of Social Welfare of Govt. of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh the Reg. NO. Is DHO-06304.NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister’s Offices, Reg.No.1780 and Jubo Unounion Registration from Ministry of Youth Reg.No.Jub/Daka-433/2003. After the inception of the Organization we worked for the elevation of poverty.

We undertake some program in various fields for human development. For example our programs are primary Health care, Formal and Non-formal education program, Awareness development program for slum & Rural people for Aids, Sanitation, Drink pure drinking water, Forest and Environment development. At the same time we provide legal aids to the effected people. And we have a plan to start credit program for the distress man & women to make them self depended. For expedite our ongoing and future program we need financial and technical support from local and International Donor Agencies.