Committee for Education Expansion, Ecole Technique St. Kizito Musha

  • Intara y'Iburasirazuba


Musha, Rwamagana District
Intara y'Iburasirazuba


About Us

Ecole Technique St. Kizito (ETSK) Musha is a private technical high school located in rural Rwanda, in the hills overlooking Lake Muhazi. ETSK was founded in the mid 2000's by Father Hermann Schulz (founder and proprietor of the Hameau des Jeunes, a "youth village" nearby) and a board of supporters, both international and local, to address a critical shortage of available schools for Rwandan children in the wake of the Genocide. The mission of ETSK is to instruct students in employable trades, with courses currently being offered in sectors that match Rwanda's growing economy: Construction, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, and Computer Science and Technology. ETSK is a boarding school, with almost the entirety of the student body living at the school (exceptions are made for students living at the Hameau des Jeunes), and teachers living on campus as well.

The Committee for Education Expansion (CEE) was launched in early 2017 by Americans Rick Jay and his wife Sue Sawyer, and Italians Geppo Braghieri and his wife Laura Massarenti (both of whom are long time friends of Father Schulz and supporters of the Hameau and ETSK) in conjunction with the existing Board of Directors. The CEE is committed to supporting ETSK through international fundraising, and bringing in native English speaking professionals and volunteers to collaboratively supplement the efforts of the local teachers.