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About Us

Children abused, neglected, homeless and sick are our priority. Foundation PRANA is a new, small, lay charity organization in Ecuador, providing welfare and health services to people in need, but specially to the abandoned, neglected, abused and sick children. Without any grants or fundings we are fighting our little war alone. In treatment we apply traditional and alternative medicine. We are in process of reorganization and practically we are starting from scratches. Most of the projects are in development stage with means for volunteers lot of chance for initiative. OUR PROJECTS:

  • Medical attention for adult and children (implemented)
  • Food for the children (starting)
  • "Big brother and sister" program
  • Recreational programs
  • Weekend Foster Family program
  • English and art courses
  • Christmas for for poor family and street children (implemented) Prana is also esoteric and spiritual development center. We conduct folowing courses( in english and spanish):
  • Self development
  • ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) Development
  • Hypnotherapy for medicla personnel and general public
  • Psychic healing.

VOLUNTEERS of any age, nationality, profession, skill and beliefs welcome. As we are without any funding or grants volunteers are requested to contribute toward accommodation, food and activity of PRANA minimum of $600 for month or or part of it for an adult and $300 for accompanied child. Note:All correspondence please, mail to Dr. Paluch, E-Mail: