Social Transformation Project

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308 Paseo de la Playa
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Redondo Beach
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About Us

The Social Transformation Project (STP) supports and strategizes with progressive leaders and organizations to increase the power and impact of social change movements. STP's unique network of cross-movement leaders, organizations, intermediaries, and consultants is building a more just and sustainable world, and leading by example.

Now more than ever, realizing our ambitions for the future demands creative, resilient, and fearless approaches to social change. Political, economic, and cultural shifts require progressive leaders, organizations, and movements to model the change we seek: increase collaboration, care for our people, honor differences, maximize and share resources, challenge assumptions, and dare to experiment. STP helps change-makers be their best, because our world can't afford anything less.

We offer coaching, mentoring, network-weaving, collaborative facilitation, mediation, organizational consultation, tools and resources, and training to both leaders and the consultants who serve them. Our systems-based method, the Wheel of Change, ignites and supports fundamental change in how we make change in the world.