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About Us

Dear lover of music/humanity/hope and life,

I want to welcome you to The One Love. If this is your first time to the site, take a moment to discover what we are all about.

HISTORY: Born from a late night conversation while on tour in Nottingham, England; Ben Romans, my business partner Cassie Petrey and I, set out on a mission to encourage all music listeners to respect all types of music. We wanted to bring together the music community and help everyone realize that no matter what the genre or the subject matter, we all write, produce, market and consume music for the same reason...we love it! Then we began to think. Could we do more? They say music heals, so could we take our craft, and with the help of the community which creates it, do more for the communities around us? Could we give back to the music consumer and the music lover who can't even afford to buy what we create? What could we do to give back to these people, their families, and their communities?

The One Love was born.

OUR CAUSE: We don't have one specific cause that we can outline in a paragraph, Our mission is to help bring a little light to as many people as we can by building our own community of dedicated artists, writers, producers and fans who can come together with their combined passion and love of music and change the lives of others. Each blogger has chosen one charity to support. 100% of all profits collected from traffic to their blog page, from banner ads, will be donated to their charity of choice. Each charity was chosen for a specific reason by each blogger. Perhaps they will share their story and passion for their charity in their blogs. Perhaps, in the future, you can share yours too.

Thank you for visiting this site and already helping support The One Love. By visiting these blogs, you are generating revenue for each blogger's charity. We hope you continue to visit this site in the future. Everyone involved with this project has big dreams and although I find it bad luck to speak of them at this point, I hope this will live on for a long time.

Love, Jade