Superfund for Jewish Education

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About Us

To make accessible affordable, high-quality, spiritually and meaningful, universal Jewish day school education for all Jewish children in North America who seek it, irrespective of their stream of religious affiliation or family financial resources.

To strengthen the current Jewish school system so that children, families, and educators operate from a platform of dignity, serenity, and joyful productivity.

Through intensive Jewish education, to create a vibrant, self-generative Jewish future that is grounded in individual self-esteem, respect for humanity, tolerance for individual differences, love of fellow Jews, a shared destiny with Israel, and profound appreciation for our glorious history and culture.

To raise awareness for the short and long term benefits of a Jewish day school system.

To ensure that priority is given to funding Jewish day schools throughout the Diaspora community.

To act as an independent advocate for importance of funding Jewish day schools.