Light in Africa

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Boma la Ng'ombe


About Us

Our Mission:
With dignity and love, we provide care for sick, abandoned and disabled children, as well as those who are unsupported in the Kilimanjaro and Manyara Regions of Tanzania.

About Us:
Light in Africa was established in 2000 when Lynn Elliott from the UK (affectionately known as Mama Lynn) felt a calling to come to Africa and help the many children impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Since those early days, it has been estimated that more than 350,000 children and adults have been assisted in the community. The organization runs nine homes for children,  offers a food kitchen in the mining region, and provides medical outreach in rural villages. Our homes provide the basic needs for each child in its care, giving them a quality education, vocational training, and nurturing love. As a result, each child has a sense of belonging, from birth through adulthood, in the big Light in Africa family.

Each year volunteers visit us from all over the world to make a difference-- medical work, social work, and gap students; retired persons, couples, and families. All of whom bring much needed funding and skills to support our programs. To learn more about volunteering, visit our website at

Care and Outreach:

-Care and education for over 200 children in our homes
-300 Children fed per day in the Mirerani Food Kitchen
-1000 meals served per day
-125,000 people treated to date in medical outreach
-Support for displaced adults and elderly
-Work program for physically challenged

Get involved:
-Sponsor a child
-Fund a project
-Take the "Extreme Maasai Expedition"
-Make us a part of your tour packages