Culture Link Network

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About Us

The Culture Link Network is a nonprofit organization, We offer different and affordable programs to persons worldwide who wish to learn Chinese culture in China.Our programs are offered to all persons from all over the world, who are at least 18 years old.

Now we can provide two programs, one is learning Chinese Martial Arts and the other one is learning Chinese language, these outstanding China programs are focused on providing total immersion in each area of study. All programs combine core classes with after-class tutorial or training, interaction with native speakers and electives. Participation in a program is a wonderful opportunity to experience a totally different way of life and ideology. So it is a great chance to experience the lifestyles of ordinary Chinese and to travel in China,at the same time you can make friends with other people from different countries, and also you can learn other chinese cultures, such as learn how to make dumplings in Chinese family.

Those who want to cooperate with us to expand these program are welcome.

Visit our website for more details: email