Committee to Elect Jonathan Janik

  • MA


53 Lee Street
United States

About Us

Our objective is to elect Jonathan Janik to the Cambridge City Council on November 6, 2007.

Jonathan Janik is a progressive Democrat who is running for office because he believes in taking action.

As city councilor, Jonathan wants to

  • Represent a population that is currently overlooked
  • Lookout for the future of Cambridge and usher a new generation of civic participation
  • Improve basic municipal services such as snow removal, sidewalk maintenance, traffic enforcement, synchronize traffic signals, and bike paths
  • Oppose zoning ordinances or variances that rubberstamp infill development and displaces green space
  • Invest in our neighborhoods and foster small business growth while retaining the diverse, urban, and international culture of Cambridge
  • Create more opportunities that increase homeownership while expanding open space and developing parkland for active/passive recreation activities
  • Implement diverse and cultural after school programs
  • Return good governance like transparency and open meetings
  • Increase bilingual training to municipal employees and translate the into other languages to better serve our diverse community

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