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About Us

-The mission of the Joyful Note Music Education Foundation is to provide excellence in music education and learning skills to children of all ages. To do this, the Joyful Note Music Education foundation sponsors, supports, and provides in-school and after school music and creative arts programs, summer programs and workshops and training seminars. Music classes include Movement, Music and Creative Play for lower grades, beginning and intermediate piano and band Instruction. -The Joyful Note Music Education Foundation approaches learning and music in accordance with the nature of the child - with song experience games, body movement activities, and manipulation of the whole song and its parts. Music and play give each student the opportunity to explore and develop music, language, intelligence, communication and social skills. -Joyful Note also provides and sponsors training for adults, teachers, parents, and caregivers to learn and employ current understandings of music and learning. Joyful Note is actively seeking donations to help sustain and support music and creative arts education in schools in the future. Donations may be made by mailing a check to the address given, or online by going to and following the 'make a contribution' prompts.