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About Us

Beyond Shelter-Australia is a private, non-profit, non-party political, non-religious multi-ethnic and multi-racial agency whose mission is to combat chronic poverty, welfare dependency and homelessness among families with children. Beyond Shelter - Australia is membership based organisation that only provides benefits to Participants in its programmes. Fee paying members receive absolutely no benefit other than out of pocket expenses approved by the Honorary Board of Directors. All accounts are kept by a chartered accountancy and audited independently. What disadvantaged groups do we serve? Families that are Homeless or at risk of Homelessness and with a combined family income not exceeding $40,000 per annum. Research by us and by others has shown that the most disadvantaged groups within this category are families of one or both parents with one or more dependant children. What makes us different? We are not crisis managers. Our Participating families make the decision to become self-sufficient. We help the whole family by teaching life-skills and the bread winner is moved from off welfare and into work. We change families from being WELFARE RECIPIENTS to being PARTICIPANTS. All of this is done with dignity and friendship. We provide the family with their own personal trainer FREE OF CHARGE At the appropriate time we help them build and own their own home which is designed by Architects and Engineers to be attractive and acceptable to all concerned yet will be very affordable.