Friends of Integral Education

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About Us

Frintedu foundation is a non governmental organisation in Cameroon fighting to make education affordable to all. We work with nursery, primary, secondary and high schools. Our mission is to ensure equal and quality education for all children.

Frintedu uses extracurricular activities  to encourage children to learn. Sports is very important here.

Give a child a sports wear and see how that child results will improve

we will report directly to you

Gather as many sporting material as possible for these children

Give a ball to a school and we will use it to encourage children to learn

Don't feel disturbed, we're here for you and you're there for us. 

Pay school fees for a child, we will follow up and make sure that child makes optimum use of your money

Provide learning material, infrastructure, equipment to a school

They are our children and we will make sure you make the best use of your donation.

There has been a remarkable improvement in results of pupils and students thanks to sporting activities

we also pay particular attention to orphans and vulnerable children

Girls are exceptionally targeted since many of them are not given the opportunity to study.

We also work with parents and youths in the following areas, adult education, orientation exercises, counseling etc.

Frintedu also improves on the infrastructure of the various schools in an effort to create a conducive learning environment for all children.

we organise, field trips, exchange visits, picnics, competitions etc for all children.

We also encourage children to learn through the award of prices to pupils and students who perform exceptionally well in school, scholarships to those that merit

Our overall goals objective is to"Build strong integral Educational communities"

 We have concentrated our efforts and resources in developing programs to specifically target the needs children. In assisting especially children who are deprived of the opportunity to learn, we hope to strengthen our community at both ends and develop programs that are continuous and deliver lasting improvements.