The VIKTORY Project

  • Mashonaland West Province

About Us

There is no such thing as a typical day at The Viktory Project, (VIKTORY stands for Volunteers In Kariba Targetting Orphanages Rehabilitation of wildlife and Youth education) but these are activities which you will almost certainly be involved with during your stay. 

Whilst taking part in The Viktory Project, you will be accommodated at Warthogs Bush Camp, in a comfortable, fully serviced cottage on the shores of the magical Lake Kariba. All your meals will be served in our restaurant at Warthogs Bush Camp, your home from home during your stay.

Zimbabwe may not, currently, get great coverage in the press, but believe you me, the Zimbabweans are some of the nicest, friendliest, most literate nations in Africa and you will, (we're certain ! :) ), enjoy your stay with us and, although malaria is a factor on Lake Kariba, you will feel completely safe in these environs with the magic of wild Africa to wake up to each morning while being lulled to sleep by the call of the hippos grunting away in the distance.


Look for tracks and signs of animal movement and identify them. Track and locate wildlife with an experienced guide. Learn fascinating facts while you monitor and observe their behaviour and feeding patterns.

Learn all about the flora and fauna of the area from your qualified guides, who, if you are lucky, may just teach you a bit of bush-craft as well.

Observe and record (in particular) elephant behaviour to better understand their feeding habits and relationships, particularly in view of the close proximity of humans in their environment.

Assist in projects such as the construction of a rehabilitation centre for the recuperation of injured animals, which is currently desperately needed.


Undertake snare patrols and anti-poaching monitoring - check for evidence of poaching and collect snares and traps. This minimises or mitigates the poaching of small and large animals in the area and provides support to the dedicated anti-poaching team (KAWFT) and National Parks.

Undertake patrols around and on Lake Kariba to prevent overfishing and poaching, which is currently rife in the area.

Assist, as and when required, KAWFT (Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust), Aware Trust (Vets) and National Parks, by going out on calls of animals caught in snares and/or human inflicted wounded wild animals.


Help with litter collection along roads, build fireguards.

Re-planting of indigenous trees in deforested areas.

Removal of alien species.

Monitor the condition and health of wildlife.

Game counts by foot and vehicle.

Educating the community about stopping the burning of indigenous bush, which is currently in practice, on an annual basis, during the winter months.


We believe that wildlife conservation goes hand in hand with community education and that this sharing of knowledge is the key to the future of Africa’s wildlife heritage. Volunteers will work with community leaders and schools to share their passion for conservation and the environment. 

Assist teachers with English teaching for children.

Play sports and games with the children.

Teach the children about the importance of looking after the environment through song and dance or lessons of your own.

Assist with the ongoing education of the community for the necessity of recycling as well as growing organic food for themselves.

Look at starting a community project growing immunity enhancing herbs/plants in order to assist those afflicted with HIV.

Assist the community, as and when required, with construction works, shopfitting and/or painting of classrooms, clinics etc.