Coxall Health Information Center, Inc.

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420 Putnam Avenue
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About Us

Coxall Health Information Center, Inc. (CHIC) is a community-based non-profit organization geared toward self-care health management. CHIC focuses on the education of healthcare and the status of individual health. CHIC’s focus is to improve the state of health within the given community and enhance knowledge.

The Coxall Health Information Center, Inc. (CHIC) was created in response to an overwhelming need for a higher quantity and quality of health resources in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The Coxall Health Information Center (CHIC) is a health information center where community members can access free workshops, forums, self-care health literature, home care products and other services aimed at promoting individual and community health. The education and outreach activities will be aimed to inform, educate and empower by providing health education materials and connecting local residents with health services and valuable resources. By observing the disparities within the area, CHIC intends to become the liaison between community leaders and health providers and the residents in the community to ensure adequate services are meet and received to residents and other neighboring clients.

CHIC reaches the residents of Bedford Stuyvesant and surrounding areas with health issues and recognizes the importance of their health status. CHIC focuses its educational and preventative services in a community that is heavily populated with low-income and middle-income, multicultural individuals. In addition, CHIC’s goal is to create relationships with residents, local health leaders and community leaders and promote positive health standards by providing primary and secondary preventative care.

The organization’s center is a safe haven for the community to have access to various free referrals for local health services and on-site literary resources, such as workbooks, magazines, books, brochures, pamphlets. Clients are be provided with computers with internet access to CHIC’s website as well as other web health education resources and referrals for local health services.