Homes for the Upwardly Mobile

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About Us

Why just flip a house, when we can create jobs & support the economy, adding value to the property & neighborhood?

This organization is one which solves a number of far ranging problems, Not the least of which is high youth unemployment and homelessness. Additionally, these are issues regarding the Environment, Transportation and Foreclosures

This is a Social Enterprise Venture, combining free enterprise and social service, Utilizing shared-equity solutions and Green renovation, Primarily to create income and housing opportunities for individuals and families Who have heretofore been left out of the economic mainstream, and those losing their status as members of the Middle Class, through these rough economic times.


Homes for the Upwardly Mobile (HUM). Helping youths (18-24), most of whom we work with are currently homeless, keep a temporary roof over their heads while obtaining Living Wages from on-the-job training in Green Construction, by renovating single-and-multi-family residential properties. The processes HUM uses, turn these properties "Green" within the Cal-Green Code for 2010. Once the properties are "greened", they are then sold to a California Housing Cooperative (The Endeavor Co-op SM), and the youth-workers are given the first right of refusal to purchase shares in the housing co-op. This effectively makes them first time home owners and they begin to accrue equity towards their future retirement. Options are available to purchase shares and lease back properties to themselves, at below market rates. Cooperatives are democratically controlled by the shareholders. The co-op maintains multiple properties in its asset base, and leverages those assets to loan funds to the non-profit, to start the process again.