Human Revelation Organization(HRORG).

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About Us

Sub-Saharan Africa faces HIV epidemic.In Tanzania 1.4 million people are affected with HIV-positives,and as a result there's a huge number or Widows and Orphans.Human Revelation Organization(HRORG) is Supporting 8 HIV/AIDS Positives Woman and 15 Orphans paying for their house rent,food,medical check-ups,clothes etc!we're thinking for their future by establishing a sustainable business employing by themselves instead of depending on donations.Hunting Dog Safaris Ltd currently is the only one Supporting them through Profit getting from Safaris. Our Mission is to reduce Poverty among the Widows and Orphans supported by our Project giving them the opportunity to work/study for a better life.If you want to go on Safari Supporting Orphans to pay their School fees and Widows please Visit: for Itineraries and Quotations.

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