Planet Poz/New Mexico POZ Coalition

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747 Stagecoach Rd SE
Rio Rancho
United States

About Us

To be a professional viable research organization: working toward the safe, clean, moral, legal, and ethical issues of life with HIV. Provide a liaison between practitioners and patients to ensure the continued effort of our community to effectively battle this virus. The study of HIV pharmaceutical and herbal treatments. Establish a forum to speak freely on all issues related to the community. Assist practitioners in determining how to further help improve the quality of life for people with HIV. We believe that by adopting standards of quality, our community can function better, free of the encumbrances of mis-information.

Among other projects we are building schools and home community centers in Kenya, Educating the people of Kenya on transmission of HIV/AIDS and skills building for empowerment to enhance the lives of empoverished people's and bringing new metodology to the rural areas of Kenya to bring commerce, food and clean water into communities.

The Mission of New Mexico POZ Coalition is to network between clients of the HMA Districts, arbitration of issues related to individual clients and service providers where no such resolution is forthcoming, regional PLWA events, and dissemination of information relevant to PLWA activities within the Districts and the State.