Organisation for the Rehabilitation of Environments and theFight against Poverty in Haiti

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Santo 17, Rue la Paix
Croix des Bouquets

About Us

ORELPH / OREFPH (Organization For the Rehabilitation of Environment & the Fight Against Poverty in Haiti) is a Haitian non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education, agriculture, welfare of children, and disaster response throughout Haiti. As part of its efforts ORELPH / OREFPH currently operates an orphanage in the Santo region of Port Au Prince that provides a stable and nurturing environment to more than 30 children, as well as a school that serves more than 150 children in the area with free education. At ORELPH / OREFPH we beleive that in order to break the cycle of poverty that has gripped Haiti we must provide proper education, nourishment, and opportunities for growth to Haiti's children.