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About Us

The Colorado Prison Law Project seeks to protect and promote the rights of incarcerated persons in the state of Colorado through litigation, advocacy, and law reform. We provide legal services to inmates in city, county, state, and federal facilities located in Colorado on issues of conditions of confinement, including brutality and abuse, access to the courts, medical care, communication with the outside world, and other issues faced by Colorado prisoners. Recognizing that prisoners’ rights are human rights and civil rights, we provide legal services to a grossly underserved and impoverished sector of the Colorado community.

CPLP’s vision is to utilize legal representation and advocacy to empower Colorado prisoners to know and protect their rights, improve their conditions of confinement, and positively participate in their communities, both inside prison and out. CPLP values collaboration between advocates, prisoners, and community members and, through that collaboration, works to fundamentally change the way people in Colorado are incarcerated, resulting in increased rehabilitation, community safety, and fairness in punishment.

Prisoners face more barriers to protecting their legal rights than any other group of people. Simultaneously, the United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. The combination of an extraordinarily large prison population and substantial barriers to enforcement of legal rights fosters the marginalization of a huge demographic of Americans. The work that CPLP does to improve access to justice for prisoners is just as important to the community as it is to the prisoners themselves. Safe, humane, and rehabilitative prisons are the key to successful reentry and increased community safety, they promote the values of a modern democratic society, and they save taxpayers money. Enforcing the legal rights of prisoners de-marginalizes a significant sector of society while simultaneously advancing the values upon which our society was founded.