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About Us

Institute for Applied Biomedicine is developing a new AIDS drug designed to prevent HIV from destroying the immune system and to maintain health in an HIV-positive person indefinitely. This drug is based on cutting-edge research focused on manipulating the immune system to prevent damage and allow for immune reconstitution. Other AIDS experts, including a panel from the National Institutes of Health, who have reviewed our research agree that this idea has scientific merit and should be pursued. We are determined to make this future drug accessible to as many people as possible. It should be more reliable, easier to administer, have fewer side effects, and cost less the current multi-drug AIDS therapies. Because it is not an antiviral drug, but instead focuses on immune reconstitution, it should be effective even when antiviral drugs have failed. The prototype of this future drug is in the very early stages of testing and will not be available for people to use for several years. Please visit our detailed web site,, for more information. --> PLEASE, don't send us your resume or ask for any kind of paid position. We have NO PAID JOBS available. <--