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About Us

The objective of Vision - Destitute Enriching And Empowering Project (Vision- DEEP) is to share the Love , Care and Help the Orphans, Street Children, Old People and Widows who dont have any one to care for them.

It hurts a lot to see the children starving and begging for food in the streets and no one caring for them. No one cares for their schooling, and their health. It's very sad even to see old people sleeping in the cold nights on the pavements.

Vision-DEEP will have an Orphanage with School for children and a Home for Old People and Widows in the same campus along with a health clinic for all.

Vision-DEEP is dedicated to help these children and old people by providing them a family environment, by providing them food, education, clothing, and medication.

Is it not a wonderful feeling to share our blessings with the down trodden and to help children to build their lives and in turn society?

Iam working to build an Orphanage for the Orphans & Street Children and a Home for Old People and Widows. My Vision is to get a shape to the project by 24th July 2006.

Are you interested to come out with similar project in your own community? No matter how young you are.. If you wanna do it, You can! Feel free to ask me how I can help you..

My sincere thanks to my family members, and all my friends who are praying for Vision-DEEP. May I request you too to join your hands in prayer along with us for Vision DEEP?