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About Us

Our mission is to inform Americans that the residents of Washington DC should have representation on Capital Hill or pay no federal income tax. It is our assertion that Americans should not be taxed without having representation at a national level. Historically, that cause empowered the original Long Room Patriots (later known as the Sons of Liberty) including Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams as they fought for independence in the nascent years of the rebellion against the crown of England. We feel this country's declaration and war for independence was an attack on the tyranny of taxation without representation. The reproach against the King of England began independence for many, but not all Americans. The grand experiment of democracy flourished in the United States expanding suffrage over the years to nearly all citizens. Nevertheless, even with 200 years of experience in democracy, the situation has not been resolved for the residents of the District of Columbia. Those of us who live in Washington DC pay Federal taxes, serve on Federal juries, and serve in the United States military as well as the National Guard. We have always considered ourselves Americans, proud of our country and our unique role as the capital of democracy in the United States. We have the same rights granted to all Americans in the form of representation elected by the people. Therefore, we believe the injustice of taxation without representation must be rectified. Our organization, the Stamp Act Congress of Washington DC declares that citizens living in the nation's capital must be either represented at the Federal level or free of Federal taxation. It is time to bring this issue to the forefront and affirm that all citizens of the United States deserve representation in the halls of Congress. Our goal is to educate the public and encourage you to act by buying a stamp and declaring that DC should not be taxeds without representation on Capital Hill.