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About Us

It has been said, that society can best be judged by how it treats those in the dawn of life, its children; those in the sunset of life, its aged population and those in the shadows of life, the indigent, disenfranchised, unempowered, homeless, drug addicted lost soul.

Ultimately, 95% of women in prison will be released back into the community. Because 60% of women in prison are themselves reported victims of abuse, who suffer from a high rate of substance abuse, many are ill-equipped to reintegrate back to society. While state and national agencies have cited this group as both the fastest growing and highest at-risk group of all newly cited populations in the United States, TEAMesteem Empowerment Center, Inc. will make them our top priority. By building solid relationships with state and local service providers, WE will ensure that no woman or child is a castaway. Poised to address the urgent need that exists in Utah, and nationally, TEAMesteem