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About Us

Foodshare is a fantastic new way of donating to charity. Our vision is for every school to create a Foodshare bed to feed those in need in their community. Our mission is to:

A) Reconnect and teach children withhow to grow food and

B) Nurture a generation of philanthropists and compassionate children by donating what they grow to a local "Foodshare" charity (homeless shelters, children hospices, elderly care homes, soup kitchens, food banks etc).

This help charities:

(1) Cut their ever-increasing grocery bills.

(2) Provide locally-grown, highly nutritious food for those who need it the most.

(3) Reduce their food miles.

(4) Create a deep and meaningful connection and bond between the charity and the school, enabling children to become compassionate for the communities needs (an essential life skill for now and the future).

The knock-on benefits for the school children (and teachers) are immeasurable. We have seen schools transform from top to bottom through this inspiring project.

We already have 7,000 school children "Growing to Give" in the UK and are ready, with your help, to roll out the programme internationally. Through our work with schools in the UK, we are hitting national news headlines. We also co-founded a Taskforce which has reviewed the UK education programme with regard to food growing in schools and our recommendations may influence a nationwide change in our children's school education around food.

Does our vision speak to you? Please visit our website to learn more and get involved.