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About Us

The Lattice Group is a grassroots organization that engages young people in a public dialogue about the issues that arise when trying to balance personal, family, and work obligations in a globalized economy. The Lattice Group conducts non-partisan, comparative research on work-life issues through the lens of young people, as well as provides a platform via the web for younger generations to articulate the issues within today's workforce and identify changes that employers and governments should implement. The influx of individuals who have significant responsibilities in the home (for example, women and single parents), has affected the make-up of the workforce. And the youngest generation is entering the workforce with new expectations for how to work. Yet, the American workplace has not changed much to accommodate these workers or to take advantage of their changing skill sets.

The goal of The Lattice Group is to raise awareness about the unequal and unsustainable aspects of America'' current work culture, and create a community for the re-imagining of our working world. Instead of a "corporate ladder," where individuals must climb straight up or fall off, we aim to encourage a more flexible "corporate lattice."