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About Us

Mothers Across America motivates, educates and supports mothers to optimize emotional and physical health through team sports. MAAM is committed to promoting fitness as a way to improve health, lessen the incidence of maternal depression and foster positive self image for mothers and their children through goal setting and sports participation.

MAAM conducts goal-oriented running and walking programs for mothers within a socially supportive team framework. Mothers face unique barriers to exercise and the achievement of personal goals, often leading to increased physical and emotional health risks.

Charlotte Gould, director, founded MAAM in response to an episode of post partum depression following the birth of her daughter. A competitive athlete from childhood, she discovered that physically active mothers develop stronger self images and goal-setting skills, and raise healthier, happier families by extension.

Founded in April 2003, MAAM boasts a steady 500% annual growth rate and 90% membership retention. Members are culturally and socio-economically diverse, reflecting the New York City community.

MAAM is New York City based and plans expansion to 5 national communities by 2007.Group training is currently limited to the New York City metropolitan area, however personalized on-line coaching is available nationally via MAAM's Virtual Coach.