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About Us

Knowledge of Spanish as a second language is an asset that richly benefits an individual in the work force and in the social world. Language is most easily acquired in the early years of life. For these reasons, BES promotes before-school Spanish language study at the K-6th grade levels in the Boise School District. Our goal is to provide affordable Spanish language instruction at Boise schools and to broaden students' perceptions of the world through culture and language study.

Boise Elementary Spanish receives no funding from the Boise School District. The program began offering conversational Spanish classes at Washington Elementary School in 1992. Since that time, BES has evolved into a program offering Spanish at various elementary schools in the Boise School District.

Currently, BES offers instruction at ten schools in the Boise School District. The BES curriculum is based on oral acquisition of Spanish and conversation rather than grammar. The program utilizes a four-year multi-level curriculum with a focus on concepts that mirror students' life experiences. The program uses hands-on manipulatives, games, audio/visual aids, storybooks, activity books and other teaching aids. Classes are multi-age as well as multi-level. Classes are taught from 8:00 am to 8:30 am (for late-start schools, 8:30-9am) before the regular schoolday begins.