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About Us

Is an International non-profit organization that aims at finding volunteers all around the world who can learn and contribute by working as a part of a community of volunteers committed to social justice. It has been established to give people around the world the opportunity to work on community initiated projects in developing countries.

The main area where we have concentrate is the children’s orphanage, hospitals, HIV AIDS education (project), schools and various researches like malaria. After making the effective research we have come up with projects that can assist the society which is in need of our help. This leads to the birth of “Theophilus volunteer” that means a friend of God. This will provide the opportunity to save the society by volunteering to various needs of the society. There are several orphanages that need our assistance so we as the founders, will have to direct all the volunteer from abroad whom they will be interested with our volunteering activities to different projects and the orphanage.

THEVO we also specialize in offering overseas internship placement, and Swahili Language Study Abroad opportunities for individuals, students, groups and Gap year Students. We also assist and coordinate adventure holiday tours, Wildlife programs, language and cultural experience programs. And we assist those who are interested in volunteering in Tanzania. The hostage of the program mainly is carried out by the donation from various groups, people, and volunteers. The program is for the weekly or monthly basis but further details will be found in the book of the information. The volunteer is from any part of the world and any religions we are looking forward for you.

THEVO Aims at offering affordable and high quality volunteer internship abroad programs.

Orphanages Health projects Schools teaching English in Primary and Secondary schools and other lessons Women’s groups Research Internship and conservation efforts.