Broadmoor Development Corporation

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3900 General Taylor
New Orleans
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About Us

The Broadmoor Development Corporation (BDC) works to advance the economic well-being of the Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans. The goal of BDC’s current programmatic initiatives is to create a healthy, diverse, and sustainable neighborhood by minimizing blight, building homeowner assets, and promoting private investment.

BDC was created in 2006 to help meet the housing needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in a neighborhood where 100% of properties suffered between 6 and 10 feet of flooding. BDC rehabilitates owner-occupied properties, renovates and sells vacant properties, constructs affordable and energy-efficient homes, and stabilizes vacant lots.


The Broadmoor Improvement Association (BIA) is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in New Orleans. Established in 1930 as the Broadmoor Civic Improvement Association to address the needs of the developing Broadmoor neighborhood, it was incorporated in 1970 as the Broadmoor Improvement Association, Inc. to stop "blockbusting" in Broadmoor, at the time a well-established, multi-racial/multi-ethnic community already living in harmony. Since that time, the BIA has worked continuously to improve the neighborhood, stopping commercialization in the residential core, reducing crime, and ensuring that educational and civic organizations thrive – among them the Rosa F. Keller Center and Library. BIA joined with Rebuilding Together to repair homes of low-income elderly or handicapped and to re-tree neutral grounds and the Martin Luther King park area. The BIA works closely with the city government and has represented Broadmoor residents in numerous cases concerning zoning and other issues.

After Katrina, the BIA was faced with an extraordinary challenge: to organize and lead the residents of Broadmoor in a coordinated and effective rebuilding effort. The BIA is the community vehicle for residents to participate in the planning and implementation of recovery projects. The mission statement for the BIA was modified to incorporate the mission of rebuilding the physical and social aspects of neighborhood:

"The vision for Broadmoor is to fully repopulate the neighborhood, rebuild the infrastructure and institutions, and develop a safer, stronger community that is committed to providing a better quality of life for all residents."

In order to achieve this mission in the face of daunting challenges, the BIA created the Broadmoor Development Corporation (BDC) in 2006 to focus on the housing needs of the neighborhood's residents. Led by the BIA, residents came together in a comprehensive, resident-driven planning process to create a redevelopment plan for the neighborhood. The BDC has been an integral part of efforts to raise funds and establish partnerships that have been key to the success of implementing the many ideas put forth in the community plan, and has come up with innovative solutions to residents' housing issues. In addition, the BDC forged partnerships with private sector agencies and philanthropic entities in order to gain money to catalyze the neighborhood's recovery.