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About Us

Who we are

Shakti Rising is a social change organization transforming the lives of women, girls, and the larger community. We cultivate the health and emerging leadership of women and girls, ultimately empowering them to utilize their personal transformation as a catalyst for positive change in their families and communities. This creates gradual cultural change that supports sustainable, cooperative, healthy societies.

Our mission

Our work actively promotes community well-being by creating woman and child friendly societies that are safe, healthy, vibrant, diverse, sustainable, and culturally alive. Our mission is to empower young women to uncover, rediscover, and reclaim their whole selves.

What we do

We provide personal transformation, community wellness education, and leadership development. Our three core programs Transformational Recovery, Education and Community Wellness, and Transformation Through Service address the whole person.

Transformational Recovery is the only comprehensive, gender-specific transformation program in San Diego for young women, 15 to 30, with co-existing conditions such as addiction, body image issues, sexual abuse, family and dating violence, depression and low self esteem. Education and Community Wellness provides courses, tools and ongoing solutions that create individual well-being (healthy, sustainable, and purposeful living). Our signature classes, offered onsite and offsite, are the key to our success. Transformation Through Service is our volunteer and leadership development program. Our exemplary leadership practices are shared through coaching, training and consulting with individuals as well as organizations and corporations.

Our innovative model

Shakti Rising's overarching success is due to the creation and implementation of a proven and unique empowerment-based model of transformation. Shakti's model is a radical technology that displaces the orthodox approaches used by the majority of society and at its core is: woman centered; holistic; trauma-informed; expressive arts based; community based; sustainable; and leadership-oriented. The theoretical underpinnings of Shakti Rising's empowerment-based model are that in order to achieve transformation in social paradigms, individuals must undergo transformation themselves, becoming healthy adults, ongoing learners and excellent leaders. The premise is that those who transform themselves can initiate change in other individuals, groups, and communities.

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