Asociación Sayariy-Resurgiendo

  • Trujillo

About Us

Sayariy-Resurgiendo is a legally constituted Peruvian association that works with the residents of disadvantaged communities by building with them a suitable place where their children can grow up without violence, respect for themselves and the environment, equal opportunities and with the memory of their history and culture.

We empower people in vulnerable situations and social risks through the development of projects with a community and social justice approach

Latest Listings

Early Childhood Education Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Development Assistant Coordinator (Volunteer Opportunity)

Teach Art (Volunteer Opportunity)

Teach English, gain life experience in Peru (Volunteer Opportunity)

Sport Teacher Assistant Incorporating Gender Equality (Volunteer Opportunity)

Environmentalist Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Grant Writing Team Needed (Volunteer Opportunity)

Social Media Community Manager (Volunteer Opportunity)