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About Us

Donate 2 Vets is an initiative sponsored and spearheaded by The Umoja Group. Our primary focus with the Donate @ Vets Program, is to assist American Veterans (all branches of the armed forces) who have been of service to our country and are now in need of assistance and services. With the homeless rate consisting mostly of veterans, our country's dedication to taking care of its own, has left many of our own, literally out in the cold.

We recognize that a lot of veterans are suffering from various degrees of mental illness as well as other serious health issues and conditions. To this extent, are not able to take advantage of the help the Veterans Administration has available. Our goal is to provide and environment whereby we not only restore hope but we can restore the trust they need to get the benefits due them by our government.

Whether we are feeding these veterans or assisting their mental illness issues, we take much pride in helping them get their lives in order. To engage in battle is more than a notion and causes various types and levels of stress that no training in the world can prepare one for. The Umoja Group, through the Donate 2 Vets Program is committed to helping these men and women, because we value their efforts as well as the fact that they put their lives on the line for our freedom and liberties.