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About Us

The aim of Globalbility is to unite people all over the world in effort to break down communication barriers of all kinds.

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We work to make a postcard and translation project that works like a megaphone out in the world: Imagine you could say one thing to everyone else in the world, what would you say? People send us their ideas on a postcard and we help translate it into local languages all around the world. It is an international media project for intercultural dialogue and language diversity.

The project is mainly organized by students from Togo and Norway. We also have a huge network of volunteers from all over the world helping to push the project forward and translate people thoughts and ideas into their native languages.

In Togo we organize the postcard project, and we also work to promote reading and writing in many of the 40 local languages in Togo. Our office is situated just nearby the University of Lomé and linguistic students come to have meetings, use computers with keyboards for local languages and read books about local languages.