Mercy to Mankind Foundation

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About Us

Mercy to Mankind Foundation was founded in 2009 among college students concerned and moved by the worsening humanitarian situation in Somalia. Somalia has been ravaged by war, anarchy, and conflict for twenty years which has affected children the most, leaving many as orphans. We believe this human catastrophe should come to an immediate stop with the combined efforts of our community. We aim to build orphanages where children can receive essentials such as food, shelter, medicine, and education. Ultimately we hope to ensure that every Somali orphan has the adequate resources to live and lead a bright future amid the chaos of war.

The Impact

We support 200 orphans in 2 orphanages. Umul Qura houses 150 orphans and Baraka houses 50.

Baraka and Umul Qura orphanages provide safety and security, shelter, meals, clothing, education, and most importantly love for children who were previously roaming the streets with nothing and no one.


We aim to build orphanages that are safe havens for Somali children so that they can regain the feeling of hope amid the chaos of war


Ultimately we hope young generations of Somalis, despite their circumstances, can seize opportunities, live fulfilling lives, and be moreproductive citizens that move Somalia forward.

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