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Wave Street
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About Us

Blue Mind refers to the mildly meditative state that we feel when we’re near, in, on, or under

water that gives us a sense of well-being and connectedness to the world. Whether we’re

aware of it or not, we’re all connected to water; however, our relationship with water is broken,

our oceans and waterways severely degraded, and their benefits to humanity undervalued.

Blue Mind Life connects the dots - neuroscience and economics, nature and conservation, art

and science, water and wellness, poetry and practice - in profoundly important new ways.

Neuropsychology offers a lens through which to make the “intangibles” of economics more

tangible, and enables the emerging field of neuroconservation. Neuroconservation uses our

cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual connections to nature as powerful

motivators and catalyst for conservation and restoration activities.