Youth Kutahya

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About Us

Kütahya Youth Club is a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit youth organization which gathers young people together helps & supports them to do something for themselves.

Goals •To inform young people about local, national & international youth activities •To motivate them to be active participants in youth activities •Increase young people’s awareness about cross-cultural relations •To promote co-operation among governmental and non-governmental organizations •Help to develop social cohesion •Broaden young people’s horizons


Local level: •Sport activities (football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, mountaineering, archery, swimming, aerobic…) •Local youth camps •Folk dance, Modern Dance •Training Course, Seminars, Workshops, Group works •Local Youth Festivals •Theatre •Informational bulletins •Active supporter of Kütahya Youth Parliament. Some of our members are board member of Youth Parliament.

Regional level: •Publishing a regional “Youth Newspaper”. •Regional Youth Meetings.

National level: •Active supporter of Turkish National Youth Council Initiative, some of our members are in the working committee, •Working with Turkish General Directorate of Youth and Sport -GDYS. (We have youth researchers working for GDYS) •Members of voluntary youth group of GDYS. •In our organizations we have YOUTH & EUROMED programme promoters who are working with Turkish Youth National Agency.

International Level: •Youth Exchanges, Youth meetings, Training Courses, Seminars, European Voluntary Services (host & send), Study Visits, Study Sessions.

What can we do together?

We are planning some international youth activities; youth exchanges, seminars, training courses, study visits and most important for us; we want to send and host EVS volunteers.