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About Us

TIMOTCA (The International Museum of Twenty-first Century Arts), a nonprofit organization founded in 1980 to foster peace and cultural understanding and to establish the world's first center for the arts representing every country on Earth.

From Albania to Zimbabwe, to date, over 60 countries of vast philosophical, political and cultural diversity have accepted TIMOTCA’s invitation to participate. Master artists from each country have officially been selected to represent their respective countries and have contributed original paintings for Art Beyond Borders.

Organized as an exhibition, Art Beyond Borders premiered at United Nations Headquarters under the sponsorship of UNESCO, and has been exhibited at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and at venues across America, providing a platform to showcase our common creative spirit and quest for peace.

Since its founding, TIMOTCA has relentlessly pursued its goals by developing and implementing international art exchanges, children’s special art events, exhibitions, curricula distribution and school programs nationwide.