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About Us

In 2004, founder Travis Gravette spent a month at an orphanage in Uganda with a woman named Faith Kunihura. He experienced the effects of poverty first-hand and was overwhelmed with thoughts about what could be done long-term to fix this. Having worked with Faith, a local woman who had started this movement within her own community, he realized that the best way to make a difference in the fight against extreme poverty was to support Faith and people like her. She had escaped the poverty trap in which she grew up, but instead of using her prosperity to isolate herself from the disparity of so many around her, she used it to build a bridge for others.

In 2006, we started Global Support Mission to support Faith and other leaders like her who are working to end extreme poverty in their own communities.

We exist to see a movement of compassion wipe out hunger, disease, and extreme poverty. A movement of compassion begins when a local community member becomes a community leader by declaring hope for the future. The leader starts an organization to strategically fight extreme poverty in his or her community. Upon approval, Global Support Mission makes the organization a Network Affiliate and supports their efforts.

We believe in leadership and community development from the inside out. Since every community has its own set of challenges, local leaders have the best insight into how to combat these challenges. Everything we do is relationship-driven. We believe one of the best ways to fight extreme poverty is to listen to and support these local leaders. Because of this belief, we have formed a model that is based on long-term partnerships with these local organizations.

We currently have two Network Affiliates: Bringing Hope to the Family in Kaihura, Uganda, and Action Ministry in Mombasa, Kenya. There are several other organizations that we are in the process of getting to know in hopes of making them Network Affiliates in the future.

Our mission with our Network Affiliates is to train, equip, and resource leaders in developing nations who are working to end extreme poverty in their own communities. We do this through several different arms of our organization, including a Leadership School, a web-based giving platform called Know.Think.Act., an International Volunteer Program, Legacy Partners, and a direct-trade organization called Red Earth Trading Co.