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About Us

STEER FOUNDATION is a National level Non-Government, Non- Profit motive, Policy Advocacy and Action Oriented Research Organization which has been working for the cause of social justice and empowerment of the marginalized and down trodden sections of the society and promotion, innovation, advancement and dissemination of Knowledge for Development. The thematic meaning of STEER is to help and guide the poor people those standing at the edge and working to improve the life of them in all over India. STEER is a development organisation working of the people to equitable access to their rights and confidence in their future.

The goal of the Foundation is to empower the marginalized section of the society and reach the un-reached through mobilizing the youth as vibrant human resource for the overall development of weaker and marginalized sections. The organization works against all forms of social injustice and exploitation. The organization strengthens efforts for promoting sustainable and equitable social development. The STEER focuses on the motivation and mobilization of youth of the weaker sections such as landless laborers, marginal farmers, unemployed youth, street children, child labor and women. It also focuses on rehabilitation centers meant for destitute women, old age persons, health care center, environment and education of workers in the unorganized sectors of the Indian societies.

STEER FOUNDATION is registered under section XXI of Indian society registration act of 1860 founded in 1994. The society is also registered under F.C.R.A (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) 1976 with the Ministry of Home affairs, Government of India, New Delhi and registered under section 12A & 80G with Director of Income tax (E), Government of India.


The Goal of the STEER is to include the excluded, reaching the un-reached, promote democracy and human right. It works in the areas and for the people where the state system is unable to reach and those who are excluded from the society in terms of broader development parameters. It helps poor to improve the quality of their life by providing facilities and opportunities. It is being doing through mobilize the youth as vibrant human resource for the development of society. Steer’s priority areas of working are women empowerment, Reproductive Child Health, Education for all, health, environment, livelihood, poverty alleviation and natural resources, which directly have a greater implication to have an inclusive society.


· Aim is to achieve social justice, empower the marginalized sections of the society and provide safeguards for the human rights. · To conduct action research, dissemination of knowledge, organizing seminar & workshop, training programme, policy advocacy, development and adaptation of science and technology for improving quality of life of human beings. · To encourage initiative, flexibility and adoptability, the personal qualities, which are conducting to greater empowerment behavioral change and access to wider range of livelihood opportunities. · To propagate awareness and necessity for the protection and conservation of the environment and thereby promote the cause of sustainable development and precautionary principles through proper understanding. · Research activities in the field of rural development, poverty, livelihood & natural resources, education, socio- cultural issues, human rights, women rights, child rights, refugees and minorities, etc. · These activities are conducted in the form of holding educational courses, surveys, practical workshops, expertise, roundtable, conducting action research and providing legal counseling. · To aid, development and providing facilities for the marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society on humanitarian cause. · Fight against all types of discrimination through policy advocacy and making awareness to the masses through education. · Eradication of sexism, gender inequalities and feminization of poverty. · To develop and promote creative responses to the global challenges and its outcomes. · To develop and promote good health and hygiene, create awareness, remedies of various deadly human diseases such as AIDS/HIV, T.B., Malaria, cancer, etc. · To promote and advocate planning and policies for gender sensitization at all levels in the society


· Economic and Social Equality, · Poverty Eradication · Democratic Governance and participatory Development · Human Rights · Gender Equity · Educational Developments · Sustainable Development · Health and Environment · Out comes of Globalization and its Challenges · Researches and Development: Child Rights, Issues of Livelihood and Natural Resources, Rural Development, Socio- cultural issues etc.


STEER FOUNDATION has been working with the vision for the development of the marginalized and vulnerable sections such as: Dalit, Adivasis, other socio-economic backwards class, women, children etc of the society and mainstreaming them. The broader aim is to achieve social justice and equity in the society where all citizens will enjoy the equal benefits of both the process and outcomes of development in terms of social, economical and cultural growth.