STEP-UP Pre Employment Trainers, Inc.

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About Us

Mission: Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life for primarily disadvantaged low and moderately-low income individuals of Hinds County, Mississippi. It is our goal to provide free educational employment and technology access training and referral services. This process will enable the participants to achieve economic independence.

STEP-UP Pre Employment Trainers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, born out of the need for the citizens of Mississippi to become literately empowered and technologically trained, providing employers within the State the skilled workforce needed to meet their employment demands. The current economic downturn has impacted individuals in communities across the State of Mississippi (specifically, Hinds County), leaving many without income, on State benefit programs, needing to transition into new industries and or new careers; pushing many to the already swollen poverty level. This economic downturn has created a unique set of challenges and has heightened the need to find pathways out of poverty and into employment. For individuals who face immense difficulties in meeting their basic needs, finding employment opportunity in today’s labor market presents many obstacles. In order to succeed, these individuals need to not only acquire the basic skills that will provide the foundation for their employability, but they also need to learn entry-level technical skills and need access to support systems that allow them to meet the needs of their families while they concentrate on gaining new competencies.