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About Us

PEN Foundation International, "Teachers without Boundaries" believes in the fundamental right of each child to an education regardless of their gender, race, or socio-economic status. We believe that education promotes respect and cooperation among the nations. This foundation also believes that education will contribute to enhancement of the quality of life and stronger national economies. We will work in concert with other NGOs to help these people to govern themselves and will promote the advancement of agriculture, health, and socio-economic development, in order that they can join the global civil society in 21st century. Internationally, we will reach areas that were once thought to be unreachable. Our approach is to go beyond the boundaries into the rural areas of the globe. Our goal is to reach those areas that were once thought to be unreachable. The foundation will establish schools and provide supplies to schools for:

-indigenous, -tribal areas, -nomadic people, and -refugee camps in war torn or displaced regions.

We will: -co-partner with local educational institutions, -establish local contacts to assist in projects, -identify locations that will sustain schools, -provide school supplies to identified recipients, -partner with established organizations, -promote programs which enhance understanding, and -advocate policies, which guarantee the right to an education.

Nationally, in the U.S., PFI will work with local educators and the community to identify areas in which we can provide assistance. We will: -provide school supplies to lower income families, -make the public aware of the need for supplies -assist with fund raising activities to benefit schools, -work with other organizations and the school board.