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About Us

In 1959, when thousands of Tibetans fled their homeland, they carried with them their most precious treasures: the sacred art and texts of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. At that time, few people outside Tibet had any notion of the scope and depth of Tibetan teachings on meditative awareness, the penetrating analysis of Tibetan scholarship, or the transforming power and beauty of Tibetan art.

In 1971, Dharma Publishing was established under the direction of Tarthang Tulku, an accomplished lama of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Its aim was to support the preservation and translation of this precious legacy, threatened with extinction in its homeland. Since then, the beauty, depth, and wisdom of these teachings have touched the hearts and minds of countless readers.

For twenty-seven years, Dharma Publishing has strived to make this ancient wisdom tradition available to the Western world. All Dharma Publishing staff are non-salaried, long-time students of Buddhism and all income from the sale of books and art goes directly toward preservation projects and publications. Donations from supporters also play an important role.