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My name is Julieth Åman, I am born in Tanzania, but, have been residing in Sweden for the past 24 years.

We are running a non-profit organization called YOWECE (Young Women And Single Mothers Empowerment Centre) in Tanzania together with the organization UKES (Young Women and Single Mothers) here in Stockholm.

Now we have a project in Tanzania shown down below.

We hope that you would like to get to know more about our organization, and, that you find this offer interesting, and, furthermore, after looking at our website would consider Amans Boutique & Breakfast in Moshi for your stay. We can offer a wide variety of volunteer assignments working at different childcare centers, all of them very close to Amans. They childcare centers carry names such as: Kil Centre, Tuleeni Children Centre, Amani Children Centre etc.

We can also offer some volunteer work at our school and at the hospital in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Amans Boutique and Breakfast is a typical spartan african middle class hostel with walking distance to Kili Centre as well as Moshi center.

There is also nearby connections with the local bus transfer ”dala dalan” - the most practical way of commuting in Tanzania. The price for one fare is only 2 SEK.

At Amans you will find single, double, as well as triple rooms. Most of the rooms have their own toilet, shower with cold water. There is one warm water shower one can use located adjacent to the common public space.

The rooms are under re-construction at the moment

Pris/person/natt: Price per person/per night:

70 SEK

The price (where 5 SEK goes to all NGO:s who co-operate with us) plus our own NGO (YOWECE) includes a light breakfast (bread, spreads, tea & coffee) is only offered to volunteer workers.

At Amans there is a very moderately priced restaurant where you can order food and bevarages.

Laundry by hand is available, a service that the staff can provide, a charge of 20 SEK will apply. We recommend you who would like to work as a volonteer to stay at Amans, the hostel is very closely situated to The Kili Centre, Tuleeni Children Centre, Amani Children Centre, YOWECE as well as K.C.M.C hospitas as well as many other organizations who employ volonteers.

Amans can offer you the right conditions for your volunteer stay to be as pleasant as possible. The staff will take good care of you and are very serviceminded!

YOWECE is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-profit, and, a non-denominational organization. We are also a voluntary based organization devoted to support unprivileged communities. We focus on young women, widows, orphans, vulnerable children, youth albinos and youth for sound development and utilization of their potentials. We identify new and missed opportunities and adopt best practise from other stakeholders.

The organization was initiated and established in year 2000. It was finally registered in 2006 with registration No. 07NGO/1664 with the aim to have a professional capacity building NGO to develop the potentials and talents of young women, and, to prepare them for active contribution in the development of their families and communities. To further enhance opportunities for children, and, adopting best practices from other stakeholders. The YOWECE places Children in the front line of HIV/AIDS preventive strategies, advocacy, care, support, education and impact mitigation, using popular culture to convey health and social messages.

The overall objectives of the YOWECE is to promote care, support and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS to orphans and vulnerable children through psychiatric social support and strengthening competence and ability for families and guardians in caring and supporting orphans and vulnerable children. YOWECE CHILDREN (ORPHAN) CENTRE

YOWECE has recently open a children centre with Orphan vulnerable children (Ovls) YOWECE Orphan Centre is located in Bunju “A” Dar Es Salaam Kinondoni Municipal. The Centre officially opened on 10th March, 2009. YOWECE has 20 kids already at Bunju Dar Es Salaam, been taken care by Widow Mwanaidi Makoba. (Matron) Elizabeth Ally (Assistant Matron) and cheef cooker Abubakar Haji-(Activities officer)

Out of the twenty children in our centre YOWECE pays school fees for twelve children who already executed in different Government and private Primary and Secondary schools as well as Colleges in Arusha, Dar Es Salaam and Moshi.

The Center involves infected/affected children, in our Children Center Bunju, schools and out of schools (Villages) vulnerable children, orphans, widows, community influential groups such as religious leaders, municipal health officers, ward Executive officers, theatre groups, musicians, schoolteachers, parents and guardians for provision of support and sustainability.

YOWECE has the Account No. 053101001307 with the National Bank of Commerce (NBC) Mlimani City Branch - Dar Es Salaam




P. O. Box 11063

Dae Es Salaam

E-mail: JUNE - 2006

Drawn Gratis by: Julieth Åman

Founder Member

P.O. Box 11063

Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania

PREAMBLE RECOGNIZING the problems facing under-privileged and marginalized Women and single mothers in the Tanzanian Society, in their quest for social rights, economic emancipation and the general betterment of their livelihoods; FURTHER RECOGNIZING that the situation is worsening with unabated spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic which claims the lives of a considerable number of women everyday, leaving many others physically weak to fend for themselves and their families and effectively participate in the fight against poverty; HAVING IN MIND the large numbers of “street children” and drug abusing youths in the society today, resulting from the backgrounds of orphan, poor, and, or lack of proper and adequate parental care;

FULLY AWARE of the fact that, these groups of youths and children are the most convenient breeding grounds for future gangsters and criminals in the society; FURTHER AWARE of the seriousness of the negative impact that these growing groups pose to the country's fledgling economy;

REALIZING THAT the challenge to meet the needs of providing support to the marginalized/underprivileged women, needy children and youths, now calls for serious involvement of private people, in their various organizations or as individuals, since the Tanzanian government policy now is to promote and strengthen the private sector to take over provision of social services;


CONVINCED THAT every effort made by interested and committed people in taking up the challenge of providing support of every kind, desired by the above mentioned needful women, children and youths is badly needed and highly welcome however small it may be;

NOW THEREFORE the following individuals listed herein below (herein after referred to as “founder members” of the Non - Governmental Organization to be known as “Young Women Empowerment Centre” - in brief YOWECE) do hereby voluntarily constitute themselves into the Non - Governmental Organization aforementioned herein;

and HEREBY VOLUNTARILY ADOPT this constitution to govern and regulate the management and operations of the NGO in realization of the objects set forth herein as founder members.

DECLARATION THIS DECLARATION MADE THIS…04………………..Day of 06……2006………. in the year: Two Thousand and Six by:…………J.Åman………………………. TRUSTEES BOARD MEMBERS

Julieth Aman of P.O.Box 22014 Dar Es Salaam Tanzania Mack Kerenge of P.O Box 11063 Bunju Dar Es salaam Zablon Andrew of Po.Box 11063 Tegeta Dar Es Salaam Employees

1.James Kanaan of P.O.Box Mwananyamala Dar Es Salaam

2:Beauty Mmari of P.o Bo 71144 -Mbezi Beach Dar Es Salaam

Members in Dar Es Salaam

1 Levina Rwajuna of P.O Box 15566 Tegeta Dar Es Salaam

2:Fatuma J. Ngonyani of P.O Box 9623 Mbezi Dar Es Salaam

3: Elly Othman Mgumba of P.O Box 53884

4::Gillsant Mlaseko of P.O.Box Dar Es Salaam

Members outside Dar Es Salaam

1.Linus Kiberenge of Moshi

2.Jonathan Chuwa of Solna,Sweden

3 Lilian Chao of Stockholm Sweden

Mercy Mandia of , Moshi Sheela Langeberg South Australia Monica Hansson of Sweden Peter Kangwa Mkuu Moshi 8 :Thomas Tem Moshi

9: Godfrey Salim Moshi

WHEREAS the above founder members are desirous of supporting underprivileged and marginalized women, single mothers, children and youths by providing them with education, training skills and support to poverty alleviation efforts, WHEREAFTER this DECLARATION WITNESSTH AS FOLLOWS:-

Article 1

DEFINITIONS In this constitution unless the context otherwise requires:

“Member” means a member of YOWECE as stipulated in article 8.1 and 12.2. of this constitution.

“NGO” is the Non-Governmental Organization in this constitution representing the proposed YOWECE

“Office Bearers” means the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer “Executive Committee” means the Executive Committee as defined

under article 11.9 of this constitution

“General Assembly” means the General Assembly as defined under article 11.1 of this constitution “Trustees” are those stipulated in article 17.0 of this constitution and whom shall be registered under Trustees Incorporation Ordinance Cap. 375. Note: In this constitution pronouns of the masculine gender include the


Article 2


2.0 The name of the NGO shall be YOUNG WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CENTRE in short “YOWECE” Article 3


3.0 The registered office of YOWECE shall be situated in the Municipality of Moshi and the postal address shall be P.O. Box 11063 Dar Es Salaam:Telephone No 00255 222 617 102 E-mail:

Article 4


4.1 To undertake the initiation, promotion and development of facilities and

infrastructure for provision of education and vocational training for orphans under-privileged and marginalized women, children and youths in the Tanzanian society.

4.2 To initiate, support, enhance and promote efforts aimed at improving the standard of living of orphans, under-privileged and marginalized women children and youths, by offering them formal education to the secondary school level and training in such skills as are necessary in increasing their employment opportunities, in both formal and informal sectors. 4.3 To fight poverty in the society by reducing dependency of orphans and other needy children and youths to their low income earning families, by providing them with continuous participatory education on sustainable environmental care and training in various skills, that will enable them identify and make good use of available natural and other resources in the country to improve their standard of living.

4.4 To promote poverty alleviation efforts through initiation of income generating projects for the under-privileged and marginalized women and youths, by establishing revolving funds and micro-credit schemes, to support self-employments efforts.

4.5 To establish and or support the establishment of orphanage for orphans and day care centers for other children in need of professional care while their parents and guardians are engaged in their employments and other economic activities to earn their livelihoods.

4.6 To support people living with HIV/AIDS by providing from them with ARVs or other substitutes/alternatives to prolong their lives and maintain the necessary healthy conditions needed to fend for themselves. 4.7 To collaborate with other organizations, charitable or otherwise, having similar objectives. 4.8 To collaborate with local and central government authorities in promoting the objects of the NGO.

4.9 To seek and raise funds from individual donors or organizations, both local and international for the promotion and realization of the objects of the NGO.

Article 5

LEGAL STATUS 5.0 The NGO shall be a legal entity, thus shall have powers to sue and be sued and shall have perpetual succession in accordance with the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Article 6


6.1 Establishing nursery, primary, secondary schools and vocational training centres to cater for the needs of orphans, under-privileged and marginalized women, children and youths and carry out such projects as are relevant to the pursuance and attainment of the objects of the NGO 6.2 Purchasing, taking lease or exchanging hiring or otherwise acquire real property, equipment or other items relevant to the promotion of the objects of the NGO.

6.3 Constructing maintaining and or altering any building(s) or erections necessary or convenient for the work or the NGO.

6.4 Selling, improving, managing, letting leasing mortgaging disposing of or turning into account exchanging or otherwise dealing with all or any of the property or assets of the NGO as may be expedient with a view of promoting its objectives.

6.5 Borrowing or raising money for the purpose of the NGO on terms and or on such security as may be thought fit.

6.6 Investing the monies of the NGO upon such investments, securities or property as may be deemed necessary in the furtherance of the organisation's interests.

6.7 Entering into agreements with other organizations or individuals with similar objectives or to lawfully undertake tasks conducive to achievement of the NGO's objects in collaboration with other organizations. 6.8 Accepting donations, gifts, loans, subscriptions and other assistance in the furtherance of the objectives of this NGO.

6.9 Paying all expenses incurred during the formation of the NGO and all subsequent costs incurred incidental to activities of the NGO in the future. 6.10 Establishing management committees or sub-committees to oversee, supervise and manage projects and other activities undertaken by the NGO. 6.11 Employing hiring or co-opting personnel of various expertise to run the NGO's various projects and other established institutions. 6.12 Making rules and regulations where and if necessary to supplement this constitution in regulating management of the activities of the NGO. 6.13 Organizing seminars, workshops, symposia and public meetings aimed at furthering the objects of this NGO.

6.14 Doing all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aforementioned objectives.

Article 7

AFFILIATION 7.0 YOWECE shall work as much as possible in cooperation with and or affiliate to other national or international organisations with similar objectives as may be decided from time to time by the General Assembly. Article 8

MEMBERSHIP 8.1 Any Tanzanian aged 18 years and above shall be eligible to be a member of YOWECE.

8.2 Admission to membership shall be by filling and submitting application forms to the Executive Committee which shall scrutinize and recommend the application to the General Assembly for approval.

8.3 Membership of YOWECE shall cease if in the opinion of the Executive Committee a member has contravened any article of this constitution and rules and regulations made hereof. Provided that the concerned member shall be given an opportunity to be heard and without any limitation be allowed to provide evidence in support of his case.

8.4 Any decision by the Executive Committee for cessation of a membership shall have to be approved by the General Assembly.

Article 9


9.1 To attend and vote at General Meetings

9.2 To be included in the members register

9.3 To inspect and obtain copies of all documents of the NGO upon written request to the secretary.

9.4 To participate in all general activities of the NGO.


9.5 To be eligible to vote in elections and hold office in the NGO when elected.

Article 10


10.1 To uphold the constitution

10.2 To endeavour to participate in all activities of the NGO. 10.3 To pay fees and subscriptions when due.

10.4 To refrain from influencing the NGO or its Office Bearers in any way or manner which may appear to prejudice the status of the NGO. 10.5 To refrain from any acts which can seriously undermine the objects and functions of the NGO.

Article 11


11.0 The NGO shall have two main organs:

General Assembly Executive committee.

The General Assembly:

11.1 The General Assembly which is constituted by all members shall be the supreme organ of the NGO and all other organs established under its authority, are subordinate and accountable to it.

11.2 To the best interest of the NGO the General Assembly shall have powers to admit into membership any other body or person as may be recommended by the Executive Committee even if the said body or person does not qualify to membership under article 8.1 herein.

11.3 The General Assembly shall assemble from time to time as the need may arise, provided that it shall meet at least twice a year in an Ordinary General Meeting and Annual General Meeting.

11.4 Upon receiving a petition signed by 20% of all members of the NGO demanding a meeting of the General Assembly, the Secretary shall issue a fourteen (14) days notice calling an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. 11.5 The quorum of General Meetings shall be 50% of voting members including members of the Executive Committee.

11.6 Unless otherwise stipulated in this constitution decisions of the General Meetings shall be carried by simple majority, provided that the Chairman or any other person presiding shall be entitled to a casting vote in the event of a tie.

11.7 The Annual General Meetings shall receive Annual Reports, Audited Accounts and or other Special Reports, appoint auditors and conduct elections when due.

11.8 Subject to the provisions of this constitution the Annual General Meeting shall regulate its own procedures.

The Executive Committee:

11.9 The Executive Committee shall be the executive organ of the NGO and shall be comprised of the Office Bearers and three other members elected by the General Assembly to the committee.

11.10 Members of the Executive Committee including Office Bearers shall perform their duties and carry out their functions diligently in the interest of the NGO and in so doing they shall not seek or receive instructions from any person, body or authority external to the NGO. 11.11 All members of the Executive Committee including Office Bearers shall hold office in the committee for two years and shall be eligible for re-election. 11.12 The Office Bearers and other members of the Executive Committee shall not be entitled to receive any remunerations but shall be reimbursed for any expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties. 11.13 The Executive Committee shall hold its meetings from time to time as the need may arise, provided that it shall meet at least once in every three (3) months.

11.14 The quorum of the Executive Committee shall be half of its members including at least one (1) member other than the Office Bearers and decisions of the committee shall be carried by simple majority, provided that the presiding chairman of the particular sitting shall be entitled to a casting vote in the event of a tie.

11.15 The Executive Committee is empowered to decide what sums shall be paid as Membership fees and subscriptions and any other contributions as may be deemed necessary; establish committees or sub-committees as the need may arise in the execution of its functions; employ, discipline and dismiss any staff of the NGO and perform any other duties as the General Assembly may direct.

11.16 The Executive Committee may from time to time propose Rules or Regulations and amendments thereto to the General Assembly whose adoption shall require two-thirds (2/3) majority of members present and voting. Such Rules or amendments may also be proposed by any member. The Executive committee may also propose amendments to this constitution to the General Assembly, whose adoption shall require three quarters (3/4) majority of members present and voting.

Article 12


12.0 YOWECE shall have three Office Bearers:

The project Co-ordinator Secretary Treasurer

All the Office Bearers shall be elected by the General Assembly and their

tenure of office shall be two years simultaneous to that of Executive

Committee and they shall be eligible for re-election.

12.1 The Project Co-ordinator:

The Project Co-ordinator shall have the following duties:

To chair all meetings of the NGO; that is the General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings. To be overall in-charge of all activities of the NGO To be spokesman of the NGO.

12.2 The Secretary:

The Secretary shall have the following duties:-

(i) To oversee that the general business of the NGO is properly

conducted. To convene meetings of the NGO after consultation with the chairman.

To record proceedings of all meetings.

To keep in safe custody all records and documents of the NGO.

To prepare various reports needed in the meetings so as to facilitate decision making.

12.3 The Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall have the following duties:

(i) To make follow-ups of all financial affairs of the NGO

To keep record of finances and all properties of the NGO To prepare annual budgets of the NGO in collaboration with the other Office Bearers.

(iv) To facilitate the work of the NGO's auditors

(v) To prepare interim financial reports as the need may arise in

facilitating decision making in various meetings

Article 13


13.0 The Business of the NGO shall be transacted by “Viva Voce” vote (or

showing of hands) except for the election of Office Bearers and Executive Committee members which shall be by a secret ballot.

Article 14


14.0 Amendment of this constitution shall be made by a special resolution of the General Meeting reached by an endorsement vote of three quarters ( ¾ ) of all members in an Extra-Ordinary meeting specially convened for the purpose. The proposed amendments shall have been communicated to members at least 21 days prior to such a meeting. Article 15


15.0 The sources of funds for the NGO shall be as follows:

Membership entry and subscription fees and voluntary contributions from members and other well-wishers

Donations, grants and loans from various individuals, development agencies, financial institutions and other organizations within and outside the country.

Income from income generating activities and projects of the NGO

Any other legally acceptable source under conditions in conformity with this constitution.

Article 16

COMMON SEAL 16.0 The NGO shall have a Common Seal which shall be kept under the custody and control of the Secretary. The seal shall not be affixed to any instrument except in pursuant to a resolution of the Executive Committee endorsed by the Trustees and at least one of the Trustees and the Secretary to the NGO shall sign every instrument to which the Common Seal shall be affixed in their presence. The seal shall have the following inscription of the words REGISTERED TRUSTEES OF YOUNG WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CENTRE.

Article 17

TRUSTEES 17.0 The General Assembly may appoint by special resolution four persons of impeccable integrity and rectitude to be the Trustees of the NGO. Non-members of YOWECE shall be eligible for appointment as Trustees.

Article 18


The NGO may be dissolved by a resolution passed to that effect by a three quarters ( ¾) vote of all members at an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting convened specifically for that purpose. Where the resolution is passed that same General Meeting shall appoint a person or persons to be the liquidator(s) and shall make provisions for final disposal of the NGO's assets.

DECLARED at Dar Es Salaam this …04…………………… day of ………06………… in the year 2004

by the founder members.

NAME SIGNATURE Julieth Aman ------J.Åman----------------------- Mack Kerenge ----------M.Kerenge------- Zablon Andrew ---Z.Andrew------------------------ James Kaanan ------J.Kanaan---------------------- 5 Beauty Mmari ---------B.Mmari-----------------

6 Levina Rwajuna -------------L.Rwajuna--------------

7:Fatuma J. Ngonyani -----------F.Ngönyani---------------

8 Elly Othman Mgumba ----------------E.Mgumba-----------

9:Gillsant Mlaseko ----------------G.Mlaseko-----------


--------------Rafael Njau-------------------------------------------






1. Zablon Elias Andrew

2.Julieth Michael Chuwa Aman

3.Jombo Lazaro Mkono. Proposed activities

1.To open organisational account letest by monday 06 May 09

2.Drafting a strategic plan for the year 2009

3.Drafting a proposal for school buiding for African Oriental Medicine Institute which suposed to be submited early monday 06 May 09.

Outcomes of 6 meetings held by YOWECE members from Dar branch;


1.Beauty and team shold develop a strategic plan for 2009-04-05

2.Two classes shold be registered and presented to donors

3.Organisatiön slogan will be Empower women,Empower the nation

4.YOWECE motto will be 20/20 initiatives

5.Each member have to contribute 6000/= contribution for openining ogarnisation account

6.All the members should submit their cv's to secretariate

7.To develop project plan and its budget

8.Identifying job descrition for all members

9.Preparing forms for membership fee

10.Gillsant role will be updating organisation website

11.According to our constitution the office bearers will be as follows;

(A)Country co odinator =Julieth Aman

(B)Project officer=Mac Elias Kerenge

(C)Accountant=James Kanan

(D)Secretary general and depute secretary general=Zablon (sg) ,Jombo Mkono(dg)

(E)Training specialist=Elly Mgumba

(f)MIS Coodinator=Gillsant Mlaseko

12.Having organisational stamp

13. Name of our school will be African Oriental Medicine Institute

14. Adopting organisation logo

15.Our school will start by two classes one for Accupunture and one for Natural Herbals

16. Next meeting will be held on tuesday 7th aprial 2009 .





We present a trip for all women in Sweden who would like to experience Safaris, sun & bath as well as getting the opportunity to work as volonteers through the non-profit organization YOWECE in Tanzania during 2011 - 2012. We have big projects underway in Tanzania, these projects needs both money and volonteers. All the projects are about to begin as soon as possible, but, we still lack volonteers as well as financing to be able to finish the school for acupuncture and nature medicin in Dar Es Salaam, plus the clinic and hospital in Dar Es Salaam. WE CAN OFFER:

1: Moderately priced accommodation for a total of 16 volonteers at Amans in Moshi. For the ones who would like, we can offered them volonteer work at The Tuleeni orphanage, or Kilicentre (Kilimanjaro children centre) or Amani Children Centre and/or Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC)

Please note:

Amans Hotel will donate 5% of the money from accommodations and Safari to the school African Oriental and Accupuncture Insitute, and for the hospital project in Dar Es Salaam. 2: One free room for 2 volonteers at Amans Paradise Hotel in Dar Es Salaam, where we are planning for building the school.

3: Office space for the association at Amans Hotels LTD, both in Moshi as well as in Dar Es Salaam.


1: Support to build the hospital for NGO YOWECE (money as well as volonteers) 2: Builder/Contractor who can help us to build the school in Dar Es Salaam (volonteer) and/or students.

3: Someone who could train our YOWECE women and our youth acupuncture. Package price for 3 months. 32,000 SEK

Package price for 6 months: 64,000 SEK The Price includes: Roundtrip airfare Stockholm - Tanzania Safari tour 1 day to Arusha National Park or Lake Manyara National Park insurance Cancellation coverage Coverage to all nationalparks and attractions within the program Guides, drivers, security guards as well as chef services during excursions Swahili course during 1 month Cleaning Transportation to and from activities Information about Tanzania 12 Visa for Tanzania

13 Help to arrange workplace as a volonteer in one of the orphanages

Price does not include the following:

1: Personal belongings

2: Airport fees upon arrival to Tanzania, 33 USD

3: Airport fees during domestic flights 6 USD

4: Gifts to local inhabitants, beverages at restaurants as well as when ordering from the bar. IF YOU REGISTER BEFORE APRIL 30th 2011 YOU WILL GET TO STAY FOR FREE WITH AMANS BOUTIQUE & BREAKFAST IN MOSHI FOR FOUR WEEKS (or 20% discount on regular price)

Contact person: Julieth Åman



My name is Julieth Åman, I am born in Tanzania, but, have been residing in Sweden for the past 24 years.

We are running a non-profit organization called YOWECE (Young Women And Single Mothers…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


    MOSHI, 09 316

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