British Red Cross


Scotland, Northern Ireland & I

United Kingdom

About Us

We help vulnerable people in crisis whomever and wherever they are. We are across the world and around the corner. In the UK

Our work in the UK focuses on four areas:

emergency response – we help individuals and communities respond to and recover from emergencies, such as floods, fires and evacuations first aid training – we promote life-saving and other humanitarian skills so individuals can be ready to help their own communities health and social care – we help people during difficult periods of their life, such as an illness, breakdown in support arrangements or bereavement refugees and other vulnerable migrants – we help new arrivals to the UK and work to reunite families separated by conflicts and disasters.

Around the world

Our overseas work focuses on four areas:

emergency response – we help communities affected by conflicts and disasters disaster preparedness – we work in countries that are vulnerable to disasters, giving communities the skills and tools to survive health and social care – we support vulnerable communities with a range of healthcare needs, including HIV, tuberculosis, community-based healthcare, and water and sanitation international humanitarian law – we promote the international laws governing the way conflicts are fought, minimising the negative effects they have on civilians and combatants.