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About Us

Diamonds In The Rough, Inc. (DIR)

DIR is a non-profit 501 (c) 3, tax exempt organization established to combat the negative influences that commonly affect young women living in urban environments. DIR aims to provide young women with dependable mentors, educational resources, and an array of opportunities to pursue their personal aspirations. These essential components will ultimately cultivate a prosperous and driven young women. The vision of Diamonds In The Rough is to reduce the likelihood of teenage-pregnancy and contraction of sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Its vision also encompasses the development of a professional mind set that will promote post-secondary education and prevent poverty. Molding young women to be poised and effective leaders in the global community is fundamental to Diamonds In The Rough.

What DIR Offers:

Diamonds In The Rough, DIR, offers dependable mentors, as well as many enriching workshops and activities for the young women in the program. These workshops and activities promote leadership, responsibility, hard work, and positive relationships amongst the young women.

Following are the workshops and activities included in DIR:


  • Business Etiquette
  • Physical Fitness & Nutrition
  • Emotional Health & Self-Worth
  • Post-secondary Preparation


  • College Tour
  • Fitness Trip
  • Professional Dinner
  • Over-night Retreat
  • Cultural & Social Event

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