RECenter Race & Equity in Education (Formerly Discovery Center)

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About Us


RE·Center is committed to building an equitable and just world where everyone has what they need to grow and thrive. We work in partnership with youth, families, schools, and communities to facilitate nurturing spaces where people can understand and challenge systemic racism and oppression. In all of our programs, we practice critical questioning, cultivate connection, and inspire action.

RE·Center provides support to all of those working to transform their K-12 schools into equitable learning environments. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of empowered students supported by conscious, critically-thinking adults, and supportive, safe schools and communities. RE·Center (formerly The Discovery Center) has been working toward a future without prejudice since our founding by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman in 1992.

We provide training, professional development, technical assistance, coaching, and other supports for all members of the school community including students, administrators, teachers, school staff, parents, and community members.