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Information on The Foundation for a Safe and Quality Education, What has happened is our school was built in 1845. The layout of the school has been altered as far as classrooms being adjacent to one another causing students to walk through classes that are in session due to the layout of the school. Do to our increase in population and decrease in available funds, our district brought in some modulars (portable units) to accommodate the middle school students. These units were not new they were used and they are about 12 to 15 years in age. Over Time with poor funding and poor maintence the schools have been exposed to the elements and other health issues that are slowly being TEMPORARILY corrected. The problem is there are so many issues such as air quality, plumbing leaks that invite insects and rodents, mold and mildew, inoperative or inadequate windows, inadequate ventilation, plus much more. These are things that are effecting the education of the children. The school is in need of much updating or a complete rebuilding. A year has passed and we have had 3 Indoor Air Quality Reports done, so we are aware of the issues as stated above. With all the issues in mind and available funds we needed a solution for the problems, what better way to solve them, then to help assist in the solution for them. Thats when We decided to form The Foundation for a Safe and Quality Education with intentions to help fulfill the needs of THE childrens education through fundraisers, and filling the schools wish list that they have. We know that there are book to be gotten, pencil sharpeners, white board markers, the list is endless with art supplies and computer software ,lockers. What our children really need is a new school eventually. Until then we are going to try as hard as we can to make our community aware of what is happen in schools By using fundraising events, and participation at any level within the schools to assist in getting our children in a Safe and Quality Education. Every day is a new health or education obstacle for these kids. WE don't want to shortchanging these children any more now that we are aware of the situation.