Women in Community Service-National Office

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1900 N. Beauregard St, Suite 103
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About Us

Women in Community Service(WICS)reduces the number of women and youth living in poverty by promoting self-reliance and economic independence. WICS has 9 regional offices, 12 Lifeskills sites and thousands of active volunteers working in local communities across the country. Each year, WICS volunteers and staff help more than 150,000 low-income women, young adults and families by providing support services, mentoring and life management/job readiness programs nationwide. WICS programs and services are based on the following core values: 1) WICS is a diverse, inclusive, learning organization that fosters respect, dignity and sensitivity to others. 2)WICS encourages, supports and inspires women to realize their human capital and maximize their potential. 3)WICS fosters community service and volunteerism by providing challenging volunteer opportunities throughout the organization. 4)WICS supports the development of caring communities by creating alliances dedicated to its mission. 5) WICS supports strategic allianc