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ORGANISATIONAL BACKGROUND Mukono Community Care Organisation (MCCO) is non-government, non-denominational and non-profit community based in Nagojje sub-county Mukono District in the central Region of Uganda. It is registered by the government of Uganda Reg No.MG/2004/12/00413 operating in Nagojje sub-county, comprised of 6 parishes (over 50 villages). The major objective is to reduce on the HIV infection and its effects among the target vulnerable community groups (youth (both in and out of schools), People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs), orphans and vulnerable children, women and the Disabled. Mission Statement • To equip the community with basic facts and preventive measures on HIV/AIDS so as to reduce and maintain low rates of infection among the targeted groups. Organizational Objectives • Awareness raising and prevention of HIV/AIDS among the Mukono communities through seminars, workshops, trainings, community health presentations and psychosocial support. • Capacity building of the organisation through Resource mobilisation, staff training and Self Assessment Reviews for the efficient implementation of the planned activities. • Advocate for common interests of the services provided and issues (Domestic violence, sexual abuse, child rights and others) of the infected and affected so as to influence policymaking. • Economic empowerment of the target groups through the introduction of Income Generating Projects, Adult literacy programmes for more development.

Achievements to date 2004-2005 • Regular executive/management/planning meetings have been held. • MCCO office was officially established and partially equipped with furniture and some equipment and stationery in Nagojje town. • MCCO was legally registered by the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social development (MOGLSD) and registration No.MG/2004/12/00413 and operates an account with one of the most famous banks in Uganda (STANBIC) • Interaction meetings with local, District, opinion, and religious leaders have been held for more support, cooperation and community participation • A Needs Assessment workshop with the District and Community was held aimed at identifying the HIV/AIDS effects to the community. • Formation of community volunteers’ team and post test club for more community involvement • MCCO has organised and participated in the AIDS day events (Candle Lights and World Aids Day Commemoration. • Affiliated with Uganda social forum, Uganda Network of AIDS service Organizations (UNASO), Kalamba Community Development Organisation, Straight talk foundation for improved coordination and networking • Community out reaches, through home visiting have been carried out, aimed at identifying people with HIV/AIDS and Orphans and there was regular provision of psychosocial support (counselling), to 50 orphans and 72 people Living with HIV/AIDS who registered with the organisation. • 3 Capacity building workings were held for both MCCO staff and the volunteers’ team (in Reports/ records keeping and financial management). • One MCCO staff (ms lubuulwa) was trained in Child Abuse, neglect and prevention and case report procedures by The African Network for prevention and protection against Child Abuse and Neglect Uganda (ANPPCAN). • Community/school program-planning meeting participated by Head teachers, local youth, religious, and local leaders, aimed at planning for the programme. • Formation of a youth drama group for more dissemination of HIV/AIDS information to the entire community through Music Dance and Drama (MDD)

CHALLENGES FACED DURING THE PERIOD • Inadequate financial resources for the efficient implementation of the planned activities. • The increasing number of orphaned children by HIV/AID and Other Vulnerable Children (OVC) • Poverty prevailing among the community people.. • The increasing number of people living with HIV/AIDS. • High illiteracy rate. • Increasing rate of Domestic violence, sexual abuse (i.e. Rape and defilement), Child abuse i.e. child sacrifices in Mukono District • Inadequate volunteers to much the high demand for the services. • Lack of still camera, video, computers, photocopier for effective documentation and management of information FUTURE PLANS • Establish a fully-fledged office with equipment, furniture, trained staff and other office utilities. • Soliciting for more funding for the full-scale implementation of the planned activities through proposal development and fundraising activities. • More support for the affected and infected in terms of food clothings, medical and psychosocial support. • More networking with other partners for more coordination and information sharing. • More involvement of District, local, opinion/ religious leaders for more mobilisation and cooperation of the community in the planning process. • Designing of MCCO website for international links.